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2020 Census

If you have internet access and are stuck at home, now is the perfect time to submit your 2020 census! Pull the letter out of the envelope and go to my2020census.gov, enter your key code and get started. It only takes a few minutes and will help decide how much federal funding our community receives for public services that benefit you. If you do not have access to reliable internet, you can also mail in or call in your response:
English: 844-330-2020
Spanish: 844-468-2020

*Note- There is no citizenship question on the 2020 Census. Please respond so that we can get accurate data to receive funding for our communities!

Contact Us

Clintonville Public Library
75 Hemlock Street
Clintonville, WI 54929-1461

Phone: (715) 823-4563

Library Director: Jamison Hein  (715) 823-7132

Youth Services Librarian: Katherine Freund (715) 823-7133, text 920-710-0350, kfreund@clintonvillelibrary.org

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Friends of the Library

If you are interested in supporting the many activities at the library and would like to help promote the library and its services, you are urged to join the Friends of the Clintonville Public Library.

The Friends sponsor activities, such as used book sales, various guest speakers, and more.

Used Book Sales are usually held in conjunction with Clintonville Winter Whirl in January, Sidewalk Sale Days in July and in October. Contact the library for specific dates.

Donations to the Used Book Sales can be dropped off
at the library anytime during regular hours.

Dues to join the Friends of the Library are as follows:

Annual Dues:

  • Individual: $5.00
  • Family: $10.00
  • Contributing: $25.00
  • Sustaining: $100.00

Lifetime Membership: $1,000.00

For more information on how to become involved in the Friends of the Clintonville Public Library, please call (715)823-4563 or stop at the front desk in the library.

Information & History

Hours & Location

Monday 9 AM - 8 PM
Tuesday 9 AM - 8 PM
Wednesday 9 AM - 8 PM
Thursday 9 AM - 8 PM
Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
Saturday 9 AM - 1:00 PM

2020 Closed Dates

  • January 1
  • February 12 
  • April 10-11
  • May 23-25
  • July 3-4
  • September 3-5
  • November 25 (closing at 5 pm)
  • November 26-27
  • December 24-25
  • December 31

Clintonville Public Library
75 Hemlock Street
Clintonville, WI 54929-1461

Phone: (715) 823-4563

Library Director: Jamison Hein  (715) 823-7132

Youth Services Librarian: Katherine Freund (715) 823-7133

Technical Services Librarian: Ashley Borman (715) 823-7136

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Map to our location:

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Library Board of Trustees

Library Board Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m.

Current Board Members

  • Mike Hankins, President & Council Rep.
  • Sara Mullen-Hornung, Vice President
  • Virginia Federwitz, Secretary
  • Donna Lederer
  • Polly Goodell
  • Jeanine Supanich
  • David Dyb, School District Rep.

Information of interest to Wisconsin Public Library Trustees can be found at http://owlsweb.org/l4l/trustees

Board Meeting Minutes are posted below.

Library FAQ

How do I obtain a library card?

To obtain a library card, please ask for an application at the front desk. Some form of ID with your name and current address on it must be shown at the time of application. If you are new to the area and do not have current ID, you may obtain a account that only allows two items to be checked out at a time. People younger than eighteen years of age will need a parent or legal guardian's signature on the application. There is no charge to obtain a library card.

What if I lost my library card?

If you lose your library card, a new card will be issued to you. There is a $3.00 charge for this service.

May I use my library card at other libraries?

Your library card may be used at any InfoSoup library.

What kinds of items may I borrow from the library?

There are a wide variety of items for you to borrow from the library, including:

  • Books
  • Large print books
  • Magazines
  • Audiobooks
  • Music CDs
  • Movies
  • Board books
  • Games
  • Puppets
  • Puzzles
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • and more!

May I have a book sent here from another library?

If you find an item you would like to borrow at another OWLSnet library, you may place a hold for it in our online catalog. Please ask for assistance at the front desk.


Are there any limits on how many items I may check out?

Adults: 75 items; 25 Blurays/DVD's/Videogames

Juvenile: 25 items; 7 Bluerays/DVD's/5 Videogames


How long may I keep items from the library?

Books and most other items are checked out for a four-week period with these exceptions:

  1. Videos and DVDs are checked out for one week
  2. Magazines and Music CDs are checked out for two weeks

Does the library have computers and photocopiers available for the public?

The library has six computers available for public use. See Computer Access for more information.

A self-service photocopier is also available for public use at the library. Copies cost $.15 per page in black and white and $.25 per page in color. You may also borrow the following equipment with your library card:

  • Overhead Projector
  • Opaque Projector
  • Slide Projector
  • Filmstrip Projector
  • Projection Screen
  • 16mm Projector
  • Projecta Scope
  • Cassette Player
  • Multimedia Projector
  • Nature Kit
  • VHS Player
  • Watts Unit (measures watts of electricity)
  • Wisconsin Digital Talking Book (for the hearing impaired)

To reserve equipment to be checked out, please plan ahead and call the library at (715) 823-4563.

May I renew items I have checked out?

Materials may be renewed if no one else has placed a hold on them. There is a limit of three renewals per item.

Do you charge fines for overdue items?

The library will charge the following fines for overdue materials:

  • Books and other items, not including videos: $.10 per day per item. Children's books and accounts are "fine free".
  • Videos: $1.00 per day per video.
  • Fines of $5.00 or more will prevent you from checking out materials and using the library computers.


What does “fine free” mean?

Fines are charged for materials returned past their due date. Fine free will eliminate fees charged for returning materials to the library after their due date.

Do I still need to return my library books?

Yes! Items that are kept 28 days past their due date are considered lost, and the replacement value is charged to your account.

Doesn’t the library need the overdue fine money to operate the library?

Overdue fines make up a very small part of the library budget, about 2%. Most of our funds come from  city taxes with supplemental funds coming from donations, and The Friends of the LIbrary. All donations made to The Friends of the LIbrary are greatly appreciated.

Will I get charged an overdue fine for a book I pick up that is not owned by Clintonville Library?

On a juvenile card you registered for at the Clintonville Library, no. Juvenile books not owned by our library on an adult card, yes.

Can I check out materials if there are other fees/charges on my card?

If your fees/charges exceed $5, your account will be blocked and you will not be able to check out material. Replacement costs, collections fees, overdues from movies and video games, etc.still apply.

My teen reads adult fiction. Will he/she incur overdue fines?

No. Items checked out by your child on their juvenile card will not have overdue fines.




If you need help answering a question, the library staff will be happy to help you. Call (715)823-4563 or stop at the front desk at the library.

Email Notification

Sign up for our email notification service to receive holds and overdue notices via your email account. We also send courtesy notices that will alert you to items coming due, so you can avoid having overdue materials & fines!

Interlibrary Loan

If material for which you are looking is not available at the library and/or is not listed in InfoSoup, our online catalog, we may be able to borrow it from another library outside our network. Ask at the front desk or call 715- 823-4563 for assistance.

Delivery Service

The library will deliver materials to people who are homebound or who cannot get to the library for other reasons. Phone the library at (715)823-4563 for more information. 

Notary Public

The Library offers basic Notary Public services at no cost. Call 715-823-4563 to check on staff availability.

Please come prepared:

  • DO NOT sign your document in advance. All documents must be signed in the presence of a notary. The document must be completely filled out prior to meeting with the notary, leaving no blanks other than signature and notary statement.
  • Every notarized signature must have the signer present.
  • Government issued photo identification must be provided at the time of service.
  • If the document must be witnessed, you must provide your own witnesses.
  • Some documents (e.g. passports, birth, death or marriage certificates and I-9 forms) cannot be notarized at the library. 
  • You must bring the complete document.

Public Access Computers

Six public computers are available for use in the library on a first come, first served basis. All six computers offer Internet access as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. The five computers in the Study Area are for high school students and adults. The sixth public computer which is located in the Children's Area is for use by adults with children.

A large print keyboard and adjustable height table are available on computer #1. A track ball and Spanish keyboard may be requested at the front desk.

The computer in the Wisconsin Room is connected to a microform reader-printer-scanner and is available for people doing genealogy research.

All public computers are connected to a black & white laser printer located at the main desk. Printing costs $.15 per page in black and white and $.25 per page in color.

Please read the library's Internet Policy for information about using the public computers at the library.

Parents of minor children must accompany their children when they use the Library's Internet service. If a parent or legal guardian wishes to allow a child ages 11-18 to use an Internet computer without them present, the parent/legal guardian must come into the library and sign an Internet Permission Slip in front of a library staff member.

Procedures for Using the Clintonville Public Library's Public Access Computers

  • Computer use is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Each user is allowed at least one half hour of computer time - if there is no one waiting for the service at the end of that time, the user can remain on the computer. Once having had the service for the first half hour the user must abandon use of the computer if someone else requests the service.
  • If a computer is needed for a longer time period, please ask at the front desk.
  • The Internet computer in the Children’s Area is available for children with a parent present and adults with children. The computers in the Study Area are for high school students and adults. Rules of use apply to all users regardless of age.
  • Users’ Library cards must be current and any delinquencies, fines, or other charges on their cards must be below $5. Users can sign in on the computers with their library card and InfoSoup PIN. People who do not have an InfoSoup library card may request a visitor's pass at the front desk. Regular computer users are asked to get an InfoSoup library card. There is no charge for a library card.
  • Users may bring in disks, CDs and flash drives to use on the Library computers. These must be scanned for viruses at the front desk before they are used on the library computers. The use of any other devices on the public computers must be approved at the front desk.
  • All copying must be in accordance with the copyright laws.
  • Users may print from the computer at a cost of $.15 cents per page. Only black and white printing is available. Printouts may be picked up at the front desk. Personal paper may be used with the approval of Library staff but the cost remains the same.
  • Any and all damages to the Library’s hardware or software will be charged to the person using the computer.